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WiFi WPS Connect is an Android application developed to facilitate. The connection to Wi-Fi networks using the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) protocol.
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WiFi WPS Connect Mod Apk

WiFi WPS Connect Mod Apk

WiFi WPS Connect Mod Apk is an Android application developed to facilitate. The connection to Wi-Fi networks using the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) protocol. The app is specifically designed to help users connect to WPS-enabled routers securely and conveniently. It streamlines the process by automatically scanning for available networks and simplifying. The authentication process reduces the effort required to connect to a secure Wi-Fi network.

Additional Information:

App NameWiFi WPS Connect Mod Apk
Mod InfoAdd Free/Remove Ads
Size2.5 MB
Latest Versionv8.7.0.1

Download WPS Connect v8.7.0.1 Mod Apk (Unlocked)

In an increasingly connected world, Wi-Fi has become an essential part of our daily lives. However, ensuring the security of our Wi-Fi networks is crucial to protect our sensitive information from unauthorized access. WPS Connect for Android is a powerful application designed to simplify the process of securing your Wi-Fi connection. In this article, we will delve into the details of WPS Connect, exploring its features, and functionality. How it can enhance the security of your Android device’s Wi-Fi connections.

Premium Features of WiFi WPS Connect Mod Apk:

WPS Connection:

The primary function of WPS Connect is to establish a secure connection between your Android device and a WPS-enabled Wi-Fi network. It automates the process by scanning for nearby WPS networks and simplifies the authentication method. Making it easy for users to connect without the need to manually enter complex passwords.

Password Testing:

WPS Connect allows users to test the security of their Wi-Fi networks by attempting to connect using different default WPS PINs. This feature helps identify if a network is vulnerable to unauthorized access. Allowing users to take necessary actions to strengthen their network’s security.

Network Information:

The app provides users with detailed information about the Wi-Fi networks in their vicinity. This includes the network name (SSID), signal strength, encryption type, MAC address, and other relevant details. This information assists users in making informed decisions when choosing a network to connect to.

Password Recovery:

WiFi WPS Connect Apk offers a password recovery feature, allowing users to retrieve the saved Wi-Fi passwords on their Android devices. This can be particularly helpful if you have forgotten a Wi-Fi password and need to reconnect a device or share the password with others.

Material Design Interface:

WiFi WPS Connect features a user-friendly and intuitive interface, following the Material Design guidelines of Android. The clean and visually appealing interface makes navigating through the app’s features effortless and enjoyable.


Is WPS Connect Secure?

While WPS Connect aims to simplify the process of connecting to Wi-Fi networks, it is important to note that the WPS protocol itself has known security vulnerabilities. Some routers may have weak or easily guessable default PINs, making them susceptible to unauthorized access. Additionally, certain routers may have WPS functionality disabled or have stronger security measures in place.

It is crucial to use WPS Connect responsibly and only on networks you have explicit permission to access. Furthermore, it is recommended to keep your Android device and router firmware up to date to ensure the latest security patches are applied.


WiFI WPS Connect Mod Apk for Android offers a convenient solution for connecting to WPS-enabled Wi-Fi networks, simplifying the authentication process and enhancing user experience. By automating the connection process, providing network information, and facilitating password recovery, WPS Connect streamlines the Wi-Fi setup on Android devices. However, it is important to exercise caution and use the app responsibly, keeping in mind the security vulnerabilities associated with the WPS protocol. By using WPS Connect judiciously, users can enjoy a hassle-free and secure Wi-Fi connection experience on their Android devices.

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