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My Talking Angela Mod Apk

My Talking Angela Mod Apk ios is an app that chats with you, Listens to you at all times, and becomes your best friend. There are different modes that you can activate in the app. You can feed the cat, You can bathe the cat, can put the cat to sleep, wake her up, Brush her teeth, Save her from a dog, and much more. 

The game was released by Outfit7 in 2014. The game was released to a lot of positive reviews but in February 2014, The game suddenly became part of a hoax after a few people claimed that The Talking Angela App was just a front for a massive pedo ring some even claimed to see a man in the eyes of angela. All of these myths were later debunked and the company owners revealed that the man they see in the cat’s eyes was actually a view from Paris as the cat is supposed to be there but it’s safe to say none of these internet myths affected the game too much since the game has 500 Million downloads to its name.

My Talking Angela Mod Apk For Android 

My Talking Angela Apk is your kid’s virtual best friend but the app is not meant to be used by kids only, It can be used by people of any age. The game has many levels but the game starts with the scene of the cat, Angela being very young. You feed her and by feeding her and washing her you earn coins which can be used later on for giving her gifts and stuff. The cat tells you what it needs and you fulfill its wishes to level up. Angela gradually grows up with each level passing. There are about 60 levels to the game and after every completion of the round, The game gives you extra coins.

When you move on to the third level the game rewards you with twin braids that you can put on Angela’s head. When you move on to the fourth level the game rewards you with a feature called Design A Dress, A feature that lets you put different dresses on Angela. Different dresses can be bought with coins that you earn by doing activities with your cat. After a few levels, you can also put makeup on your cat. The feature allows you to put different kinds of makeup on your cat, however you like it. This feature does not require any coins to operate.

Features of My Talking Angela Apk

These are probably the best features of this game that ought to be known to you if you play this game on your device.

  • Unlimited Coins

You can do activities with Angela and earn an unlimited amount of coins that can be used to buy things for the cat and a lot more. 

  • Multiple Levels

There are different levels in the game that you can surpass and with each level passing, Angela will keep growing up.

  • A Friend For You

The app is built to be a friend of your whole family as it has features that make you feel like you really own a pet. You can bathe her, You can wash her, You can put clothes on her and do much more.

What’s New

  • Stylish makeup looks
  • Wonderful wardrobe choices
  • Super sweet activities
  • Special sticker albums

FAQs About My Talking Angela Apk

Is Talking Angela dangerous at 3 am?

No! That hoax has been debunked many times and the game is totally safe at any time of the day. 

Is My Talking Angela Apk safe for downloading?

Yes! The game comes from the official play store, so there is no harm that the game can cause your device.

Is My Talking Angela Apk Free?

Indeed! The game is absolutely free.


Playing My Talking Angela Mod Apk unlocked can be a really fun experience for people of any age group. The game makes you feel like you really are a part of it as the cat constantly tells you what it needs and wants. For years people have been spreading false rumors about the game that have been proven wrong from time to time again but still, the game has 13 Million reviews and 500 Million downloads so right there is proof that a lot of people are enjoying it and you should too. 


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