Modern Combat 5 Mod Apk (Unlimited Everything) Download

Modern Combat 5 Apk (God Mode, Antiban)

Modern Combat 5 Mod Apk

Modern Combat 5 Mod Apk is a first-person shooter game that proves to be the most interesting and the best action game for Android users. It is developed by Gameloft. In order to play and load this game, you need a reliable internet connection. Players can entertain themselves with the single-player story mode.

Download Modern Combat 5 Mod Apk [Unlimited Credits]

In addition, there is also a multiplayer mode. So if you want to play with players all across the world you can pick a multiplayer mod. When it comes to the quality of graphics used in Modern Combat 5, you can get the best experience and excellent quality of images. These graphics look real and enhance your interest in the game. You can buy skills points to upgrade blueprints and buy crates. With the progression of the game, players evolve and unlock amazing items. 

You can level up by playing both multiplayer matches and single-player missions. It is interesting to access high-tier equipment when you dominate low-tier ones. In addition, it is possible to customize the best instrument with a host of attachments. After this, you can move into the action directly. Using highly customizable controls you can play the game in any way you want. HID game controllers and MOGA pro are supported by Modern Combat 5.

Key Features:

  • Ply style and controls of Modern Combat 5

A playstyle should always be picked accurately. The play styles include support, sniper, recon, heavy, and assault. In order to strafe side to side and walk backward/forward, you need to drag to the left of the screen. The controls of the modern combat 5 Apk are similar to those you find in PUBG.

  • Single-player story mode off modern combat 5 Apk

The story mode of modern combat 5 Apk occurs across several zones. These zones include a military base, a bustling metropolis, and a Buddhist temple. Each area occupies three phases and each phase has four to six missions. When you complete one mission, you can step forward. At each mission of modern combat 5 Apk, you need to survive and search for the motives of terrorists. Some quick missions also come on your journey to cover your things team from the breach, perch, and a sniper.

  • Multiplayer mode of Modern Combat 5

The Multiplayer mode of modern combat 5 is quite simple. Individuals can begin the game with a random mode. As you progress and complete steps, you can unlock other stages as well. Multiplayer mode of modern combat 5 apk include Rush, pro tournament, Zone control, Capture the flag, Team battle, and Free for all. It is possible to communicate with other players and begin a squad game against other players across the globe. You can have individual and squad leaderboards in high-powered multiplayer mode. Moreover, in limited-time events, it is easy to achieve cool rewards.

  • Internal space of modern combat 5

Because it possesses visual and high-quality graphics, therefore, it occupies too much internal space. That is why it is necessary to arrange for the required space in your device before heading towards its installation process.


All the new items that you unlock in one mode can be transferred to the other mode. This feature of the Modern Combat 5 is good for those individuals who prefer one to the other. If you want to get the best instruments you need to purchase them. When you step ahead, it is easy to unlock class-specific skills by spending as well as earning skill points. You can test your team skills, and individuals, and add your friends.

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