Idle Sword APK With Mod (Free Souls/Diamonds) For Android

Idle Sword is a fun incremental game that's perfect for people who want to play with their friends and choose from unique classes.
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Download Idle Sword v1.87 Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold/Money)

Idle Sword Mod Apk

Idle Sword Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money) is a game where you fight monsters and earn gold for your efforts. It’s not your typical idle clicker, though. Here are some things that set this game apart from other similar games: Idle Sword is an idle game in which you have to keep your sword at the ready and defend yourself against countless enemies.

The game has been around for years, with new updates every few months or so. It’s also available on multiple platforms: Android, iOS, and Web browsers (including Chrome). The gameplay is simple enough: tap your screen to attack with your sword; wait for a few seconds before attacking again if you’re patient enough. You can upgrade your character using gold earned from defeating enemies the higher level he becomes, the more powerful he becomes too.

What is Idle Sword APK?

Idle Sword Apk is an idle clicker game that you can play on your browser. The main objective of the game is to kill monsters and get more gold. You need to click on the screen with your mouse or touchpad, which will be represented by color icons in order to kill them. If you want to get more gold, then it’s up to you how many hours per day (or even days) would work best for you. In Idle Sword, you fight monsters to get gold and resources. You use the gold and resources to upgrade your castle, army, buildings, and skills.

Idle Sword is a game where you click and idle your way through levels. The more monsters you kill, the faster your weapon will grow in power. As it gets stronger, so do the monsters. The best part about this game is that it’s easy to play even if you’re not good at games or have no idea what they are you just focus on clicking until all those lazy little monsters stop coming up into view (which shouldn’t take long). It’s like watching TV while doing something else: fun for everyone involved. The game is very easy to play and the monsters are fun. Overall, Idle Sword is a good game to play with friends or family.

What is Idle Sword Mod Apk?

Idle Sword Mod Apk

As such, the game becomes more about the journey than it does about reaching its destination which can make for an excellent way to pass time if you’re stuck at home on a rainy day. The term “incremental” also refers to another aspect of these kinds of games: grinding through them until we get a better reward (such as upgrades). This leads us to an important aspect of an idle sword: meta-gaming. Rather than upgrading and clicking, you use your left hand to guide your sword and your right hand to click on enemies. You can also use your left hand to tilt the camera up or down as well.

You can combine swords, belts, rings, and books together to create new items with different effects. For example, you may want to upgrade your character by combining two Swords that have a Fire attribute with the Belt which increases the damage of offensive attacks. Each item has a unique effect on your character. For example, A ring that increases your health; An amulet that decreases magic power by 25%; and A belt that increases attack speed by 10%.In addition to the features and enhancements mentioned above, Idle Sword developers are active in the community and take feedback seriously.

They have been actively listening to community feedback since they launched their first alpha version of the game back in 2017. The developers work hard to ensure that every aspect of their games is balanced, fun, and fair for all players—even if that means changing things up a bit after launch when it becomes clear what’s working or not working well with certain types of gameplay styles (i.e. if you find yourself getting bored with how much time your character spends walking around before entering combat).

MOD Features:

There are a lot of interesting unlockable classes you can use to mix up how you play the game. Each class has its own unique abilities, so you’ll want to experiment with all of them before choosing one for your character. For example, some classes are more useful in certain situations than others for example, if you’re playing on a field map and surrounded by enemies, then it might be best for your character to be able to move quickly around the field without getting caught off guard by an archer or other enemy. On the other hand, if there aren’t many enemies around at all (or if they’re far away), then maybe those extra hit points won’t help much after all. Maps where monsters appear in large numbers but don’t affect gameplay; Dungeons with challenging boss fights

New weapons or items that give characters special powers when equippedIdle Sword is a fun incremental game that lets you play with friends and choose from unique classes. You can unlock different classes, upgrade your character, and make it stronger. PVP (Player versus Player) battles where players can battle each other from around the world; Crafting system that allows players to create new items or weapons for their characters; A story mode where players follow along as one of their favorite characters on an epic quest through land and sea.


Idle Sword Mod Apk is a fun incremental game that’s perfect for people who want to play with their friends and choose from unique classes. The developers are active in the community and take feedback seriously, which means that there are always new updates coming out (and some of them are pretty good). There’s also an active modding community that’s created new classes, dungeons, and even entirely different games. If you’ve played any incremental games, you know what I’m talking about. The general idea behind these games is that they’re about collecting resources and improving your character. The goal is to reach the end of a level, which may or may not be reachable in one run-through.

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