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All I remember is that night... The dark dragon has closed the gate to the sun. And light vanished. All living creatures became dark... Only carrying what's left behind... the eternal pain.
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Dark Sword Apk + Mod (Unlocked) For Android

Dark Sword Mod Apk

Dark Sword Mod Apk is a short game about overcoming difficult challenges. It’s not very long, but it’s very difficult and challenging. If you enjoy games that require precision and quick reflexes, then this one is for you.

The player takes control of the silhouette of a Dark Sword (a pitch-black sword with a glowing red edge), and they must traverse through a series of levels that are filled with all sorts of dangers that kill the player in one hit. These obstacles are presented in all sorts of ways, such as swinging axes, split-second timing segments, and even sudden stops to the movement that require the player to jump across pits at the last moment.

Dark Sword Mod Apk moves along linear paths that are lined up with each other on-screen; however, there is no room for error as death results immediately upon contact with any obstacle or enemy encountered during gameplay. You only have one life per level so if you want successful completion then you’ll need some skill at controlling this dark tool.

Dark Sword Mod Apk (Unlimited Souls)

Dark Sword Apk starts with you waking up in the middle of a graveyard with no memory of your past. You are then trained by a mysterious creature and taught to fight, which is where you begin your quest for vengeance on those who wronged you. As you go through this journey, you will face many enemies and learn about different fighting styles as well as different weapons that can help defeat them.

The goal is to collect three golden keys to unlock the exit, but if the player dies on their way there or if they grab a key and die holding it, then they will have to start from scratch. To add to this challenge, once a key has been grabbed on a level, it cannot be picked up again on subsequent runs.

As with Dark Sword II: The Warrior Princess, Dark Sword III contains only one screen per level. In this game’s case though you can move left and right at any time by pressing up or down respectively (note: these directions only work when walking). However, there are no other movement options available such as jumping or running like in most other platformers so don’t expect any fancy moves here.

The game is about overcoming challenges. It’s not just a short game, it’s also challenging. The player will have to complete many levels of increasing difficulty to reach the end of the story.

In Dark Sword Game you can play as one of three characters who each have their unique fighting style and special moves:

Dark Sword Mod Apk

Aisha – Swordmaster with great strength and speed; she has access to several different weapons at her disposal that allow her to attack from all angles (including overhead) with ease. She can also jump higher than most characters allowing her an advantage when fighting against armored opponents or on high-ground positions where she’ll be able to avoid attacks aimed at her head by using her sword as an umbrella or shield when necessary.

Her special Sword Slash ability allows her to attack extra damage against enemies without any armor protection whatsoever; this means if you manage to find yourself facing off against someone wearing only leather clothes then there’s no need for any kind of strategy involved because all they’ll have left after getting hit once should be enough time left over before death arrives…or maybe not? You’ll just have to wait until someone else dies before testing out whether or not these claims hold.

Dark Sword Premium Features

  • You can play this game multiple times, each time with a different character class and race.
  • This game has so many features that it is hard to list them all.
  • It has been described by some as an RPG fighting game where you fight monsters and humans
  • You can choose from 3 different classes:
  • The Warrior, The Rogue, and The Mage.
  • Each class has its own set of skills, weapons, and magic types.
  • You can also choose from 4 races:
  • Human (the default race), Elf-kin (a race that looks like elves), Orc-kin (a race that looks like orcs),
  • Halfling-kin (a race that looks like halflings).
  • These races have different strengths and weaknesses in battle
  • They will also affect how you play the game itself by gaining special abilities
  • Such as increased strength or increased defense against certain attacks.
  • The four classes available in Dark Sword are warrior, wizard, assassin, and priest.
  • Each class has its special abilities and skills.
  • The warrior can use a sword or a mace to attack enemies.
  • In addition to using weapons
  • The warrior also has access to a shield that he can use for defense when attacked by an enemy.
  • The wizard uses magic spells to help him defeat his enemies as well as heal himself
  • If he gets hurt badly enough during battle (healing spells cost mana).
  • Wizards can also choose whether they want their magic attacks to hit all enemies
  • Only one target at once depending on what spell you cast last time
  • This allows multiple targets like bosses but still keep them focused on just one person so
  • It won’t cause much trouble when trying out different combos.
  • Dungeons are a series of rooms that can be explored in search of treasure.
  • Monsters are hostile creatures that you will encounter in the dungeons
  • And quests are tasks that you can complete to earn rewards.


Dark Sword Mod Apk is an amazing game that has been created for both console and PC gaming platforms. The main objective of this project was to create an interactive experience that forces players to think fast, plan and make quick decisions to survive. At the same time, it also provides them with enough room for creativity so they can use their imagination when solving puzzles along their journey from start to finish.

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